Lendora’s is not your typical hot sauce.  We are not trying to prove that you can handle the hottest hot sauce in the land.  The goal is to enhance the flavor of any food that is honored enough to receive a sprinkle of Lendora’s Habanero Hot Sauce.  You will feel a hint of heat, an explosion of fresh herbs, and a smooth blend of several types of peppers.  It can be used on both meat and vegetables and will bring out the flavors of your favorite soups and sauces. In our family, we put Lendora’s Habanero Hot Sauce on everything!!  The only negative feedback from the taste testers is that there is not enough sauce in the bottle.  As a bonus, it is a product of the USA and manufactured in the State of Virginia Get a bottle and turn your ordinary into extraordinary!


    I had the pickle hot sauce and I don’t eat pickles. It was really good and I highly recommend.


    I highly recommend purchasing the Hot Pickle hot sauce and Habanero hot sauce. I love spicy and hot. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It out ranks any other hot sauce on the market. I will continue to purchase the product.

  • GLENN D.

    I thought it couldn’t get better than the original version but I got to try the pickle hot sauce and have been finding random things to put it on. Air fryer lemon pepper wings splashed with that is next level!!!


    I made some wing with Lendora Hot Habanero Hot Sauce and it was sooo good! Just the perfect tangy taste! Can’t wait to try another flavor!

  • KIWI'S C.

    Seriously the best hot sauce! I’ve been putting it on everything since last weekend! Also the strawberry lemonade cake was delicious!